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Rob Gould - A Billion Ghosts/Rob Gould Band - When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears

Rob Gould - A Billion GhostsThe north west of England is where ex Fula keyboard player Rob Gould lives, and judging by these two CDEP's, it seems that the area is quite alive with good musicians who appear on them.

From the forthcoming album China to be released in 2005, these CDEP's are a sample from the very album.

Total time for each one is around the eighteen minute mark, and whilst been joined by fellow ex Fula members Fiona Ford (vocals) Jason Gilman (guitars) and Nigel Moss (whistle, mandolin, bass guitar), Julian Gregory of Strangefish performs violin on one of the tracks on A Billion Ghosts. Fellow band mate of Julian, Paul O'Neill is on the other one, When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears. Rob Gould Band - When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears

On the music side of things, well I would describe it all as a mixture of Shine On You Crazy Diamond Floyd style, crossed with Tangerine Dream and early Steve Hillage period Rainbow Dome Musick.

Fiona's haunting vocals give a nice feel to the sounds, while the China material takes you there in the heart of the very same country.

As before, these are just tracks from the forthcoming album China, which is also going to be a film soundtrack to the Gavin Newman film 'Beneath The Wall'.

It will be nice to hear the whole album when it is released, but for the time being, these two CDEP's are an ideal taster of what to expect. For more info, check Rob's site link below.

Danny Mayo

Rob Gould


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