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Riverside - Out Of Myself

Riverside - Out Of MyselfWhen I reviewed Riverside's pre-album demo, I surmised that when the album was released it would be an essential purchase.  Having signed with The Laser's Edge, Out Of Myself is finally released on 21st September 2004 and I can now confirm that it is every bit as good as expected.

Epic opener, The Same River, is a superb and powerful, atmospheric, beat-driven 12-minute work of ecstasy bearing strong resemblance in style (as do all the tracks on the album) to Porcupine Tree and Sylvan with a hint of Floyd, the latter in-as-much that the track could run for two hours and still leave the listener disappointed that it ended.

Vocals are every bit as good as the music and in English, so English it is easy to forget that this band are from Poland.  The music is very melodic and also pretty heavy (I suppose you could add 'angry' to that) which fits in with the storyline of a man who having suffered a nervous breakdown, enters society again with a positive attitude which remains even when things don't quite run as smooth as expected.  This is mood driven prog with some marvellous guitar breaks, character-full keyboards and driving percussion and bass.

Riverside's appeal will extend beyond the prog fraternity for certain.  I happened to be fixing the sound on a friend's PC and took the CD along.  Whilst he is not generally musically inclined, both he and his teenage daughter instantly loved it.

The band will be appearing at NearFest 2005 where they are sure to be a big hit.  For Riverside's sake, I hope they can get some general airplay across the globe and become omni-popular.  For our sake, however big a name they become, I hope that they will maintain their style and remain accessible for the tight budgets that prog venues and festivals have to play with.  Top marks!

Jem Jedrzejewski


The Laser's Edge




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