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Abel Ganz - Back From The Zone

Lee Abraham - View From The Bridge

Acuity - Skyward

Steve Adams - Camera Obscura

Steve Adams - Vertigo

Steve Adams - Maiden Voyage

Addison Project - Mood Swings

Ajalon - On The Threshold Of Eternity

Akacia - The Brass Serpent

Alkemy - da 63 projekt

Russell Allen's Atomic Soul

Amara (Demo)

Amplifier - Amplifier Special Edition

Amplifier - The Astronaut Dismantles HAL

Jon Anderson - State Of Independence (Enhanced CD Single)

Maureen Anderson's Shapeshifter

Anti-Depressive Delivery - Feel Melt Release Escape

Apogee - The Garden Of Delights

Arcansiel - Swimming In The Sand

Artifex - Artifex

Art Rock Circus - A Passage To Clear

At War With Self - Torn Between Dimensions

Audience - Alive&Kickin'&Screamin'&Shoutin'

Ausia - Kasa Kasa


Vladimir Badirov Project - Greeting From Nostradamus

Balkan Horses Band - Contact (Part 1)

Bandvivil - Junaokissei

Barclay James Harvest Caught Live DVD

Emily Bezar - Angel's Abacus

Big Big Train - Bard

Big Big Train - Gathering Speed

Black Bonzo - Lady of The Light

The Black Noodle Project - And Life Goes On

Tomas Bodin - I Am

Brody - Torn from A Warm Place

Brother Ape - On The Other Side

Tim Burness - Finding New Ways To Love

Byzantine - ...And They Shall Take Up Serpents


Camel - Footage DVD

Camel - A Nod And A Wink

Camel - Curriculum Vitae DVD

Camel - The Paris Collection

Caravan - The Unauthorised Breakfast Item (limited edition)

Castanarc - Little Gods

Chain - Exe

Citizen Cain - Playing Dead

Clearlight - Infinite Symphony

Clutch - Robot Hive / Exodus

Jonathan Coe - The Rotters’ Club (Book)

Roberto Colombo - Botte Da Orbi

Colt - From the Fridge

Alice Cooper DVD-EP (Classic Pictures Special Edition)

Cross - Playgrounds


Darling - D2R

Darwin’s Radio - Pictures EP

Deep Purple DVD-EP (Classic Pictures Special Edition)

Deimos - Never be Awaken

Demons & Wizards - Touched By The Crimson King

DFA - Work In Progress Live

Dimension X - So... This Is Earth

Discus - Tot Licht!

Djam Karet - No Commercial Potential

d-koy (Demo)

D-Koy - So Dependant

Dr.No - El Bufo De La Cort

Dreadnaught - The American Standard

Dream Aria - In The Wake


Earthling Society - Albion

Eccentric Orbit - Attack Of the Martians

Ian Eccles-Smith - Apsilene

Echolyn - The End Is Beautiful

Eden Rose - On The Way To Eden

Edition Speciale - Aliquante

John Edmonds - When Schemes Come True

John Edmonds - Subzerosonic

Equilibrio Vital (Tribute To Marcos Chacon)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Pictures At An Exhibition (35th Anniversary Collectors Edition DVD)

Emerson Lake & Palmer - Pictures At An Exhibition DVD

ETC - Tales Of Ardour & Deceit

Evergrey - A Night To Remember

Eyestrings - Burdened Hands


Finisterre - In Ogni Luogo

Floating State - White Flower

The Flower Kings - Adam And Eve

The Flower Kings - Meet The Flower Kings, A Live Recording (Double DVD and CD Limited Edition)

The Flower Kings - The Rainmaker

The Flower Kings - Unfold The Future

Fluxury - Lunar Escape Velocity

Fluxury - Me The Enemy (CDEP)

Fluxury - Perishable Goods

Focus - Focus 8

Focus - Live In America (DVD)

Focus - Masters From The Vaults DVD

Fonderia - Fonderia

Jack Foster III - Evolution of JazzRaptor

Fozzy - All That Remains

Frameshift - An Absence Of Empathy

Freedom Call - The Circle of Life

Frogg Cafe - Fortunate Observer Of Time

Frost* - Milliontown

The Future Kings Of England - The Future Kings Of England


Gaia - Soulwind

The Gak Omek - Alien Eye

The Gak Omek - Return Of The All Powerful Light Beings

Galahad - Year Zero

Galleon - From Land To Ocean

Julian Garner - Doublethink

Julian Garner - Open Play

Julian Garner - Your Good Self

Gazpacho - Get It While It's Cold (MP3 Demo)

Genesis For Two Grand Pianos

Gentle Giant - Giant On The Box (DVD/CD)

David Gilmour In Concert (Meltdown) DVD

Glass Hammer - The Inconsolable Secret

Glass Hammer - Lex Live (DVD)

Glass Hammer - Lex Rex

Glass Hammer - Live At NEARfest

Glass Hammer - Shadowlands

Rob Gould - A Billion Ghosts

Rob Gould Band - When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears

Gouveia Art Rock - 2004 (DVD)

Gouveia Art Rock - 2003 (DVD)

Graham Greene - Club Voodoo

Graham Greene - Leap Of Face

Martin Gretch - Open Heart Zoo

Shaun Guerin - Archives

Shaun Guerin - By The Dark Of Light

The Guardian’s Office


John Hackett - Checking Out Of London

John Hackett - Velvet Afternoon

Steve Hackett - Live Archives 70,80,90’s

Steve Hackett - To Watch The Storms (special edition)

Hamadryad - Safe In Conformity

Hatfield And the North - Hatwise Choice (Volume I)

Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys, The Legacy

Héon - Electro-Acoustic Requiem

Heartscore - Straight To The Brain

Hostsonaten - Springsong

Steve Howe - Spectrum


Idioverse - EP 1 Tiny Liquorice

IQ20 - The Twentieth Anniversary Show, The Mean Fiddler, London 15.12.2001 (DVD)

IQ - Dark Matter

IQ - The Seventh House

IQ Subterranea:  The Concert DVD

IQ - IQ20 The Archive Collection 001

I Remember Nothing (demo)

Il Castello di Atlante - Quintessenza

Impish - (Demo)

Indrâzor - Cocoon To Butterfly

Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death

Isildurs Bane - Mind Volume 1

Isildurs Bane - Mind Volume 4: Pass

Isildurs Bane - Mind Vol. 5 The Observatory (DVD)

It Bites - Live In Montreux

It Bites Live In Tokyo DVD


Daniel J - Losing Time

Jadis - Alive Outside

Jadis - Fanatic

Jadis - More Than Meets The Eye (Special Edition)

Jadis - View From Above DVD

Johnny Poindexter - One Of Three (E.P.)

Johnny Poindexter - Two Of Three (CD-EP)

Just Offshore - Just Offshore


Kaipa - Keyholder

Kaipa - Notes From The Past

Kaipa - Mindrevolutions

Kamelot - The Black Halo

Kaos Moon - The Circle Of Madness

Karda Estra - Constellations

Karda Estra - Eve

Karda Estra - Voivode Dracula

Karmakanic - Entering The Spectra

Karmakanic - Wheel Of Life

Karnataka - Strange Behaviour

KBB - Four Corner’s Sky

KingBathmat - Crowning Glory

KingBathmat - Fantastic Freak Show Carnival

KingBathmat - Son Of A Nun

King's X - Ogre Tones

Kino - Picture

Knight Area - The Sun Also Rises

Knitting By Twilight - Someone To Break The Silence

K2 - Book Of The Dead


James LaBrie - Elements Of Persuasion

Mark Christopher Lee - Away With the Fairies

The Lens - A Word In Your Eye

Liquid Scarlet

Little King - Virus Divine

The Lizards - Cold Blooded Kings

The Lizards - Live At B.B.King - NYC (DVD)

The Lizards - Rule

The Lizards - They Live!

Little Atlas - Wanderlust


Tony McPhee - Live In Poland At Blues Express

Magellan - Symphony For A Misanthrope

Magenta - Another Time... Another Place (Live Album)

Magenta - I'm Alive (CD Single)

Magenta - Revolutions

Magenta - Seven

Nick Magnus - Hexameron

Magrathea - Legends

Martin Maheux Circle - Physics of Light

Bruce Main - Layers

Man On Fire - Habitat

Manning - A Matter Of Life & Death (The Journal Of Abel Mann)

Manning - The Ragged Curtain

Manning - The View from My Window

Bob Manor Band - Blue Sky Falling

Mantra Sunrise - Mantra Sunrise

The Mars Volta - De-loused In The Comatorium

The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute

Merchants Vice - Amber

Metaconciencia - Bestiario

Minimum Vital - Atlas

Minus The Bear - Menos El Oso

MohoDisco - Kaloomith

Molca - Super Ethnic Flavor

Molly Hatchet - Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge

Motörhead DVD-EP (Classic Pictures Special Edition)

Music Station - Shaping

My Empty Room - Grand Illusions


Nautilus - What Colours The Sky In Your World?

Neurotic - Mazy Craniacs

Niebiesko-Czarni - Live ‘68

Nightingale - Daylight Saving Time

9 On Bali - Kite Hawker On The Beach

NON FINIRe mai - Katzenjammer

Nosound  - Sol29

NovAct - Tales from The Soul


Of Infinity - The Essence Of Infinity

Old Grey Whistle Test (30th Anniversary) - DVD

Opus Est - Opus 1

Oxygene 8 - Poetica


Panzerpappa - Farlig Vandring

Paradox One - Alternate Reality

Parisman (EP Demo)

Matthew Parmenter - Astray

Nigel Parrington - Wino

Peter The Great - Go Figure

The Pineapple Thief - 10 Stories Down

The Pineapple Thief - 12 Stories Down

The Pineapple Thief - Live 2003 Limited Edition (DVD/CD)

Plackband - After The Battle

Planet P Project - 1931 (Go Out Dancing Part One)

The Pocket Gods - Blood On The Snacks

The Pocket Gods - Green Fairy Tales (Volume I)

The Pocket Gods - Green Fairy Tales Volume 2

Poor Genetic Material - Leap Into Fall

Presto Ballet - Peace Among The Ruins

Procol Harum - Live (DVD) Special Edition

Procol Harum - Live (in Copenhagen) DVD

ProgAID - All Around The World

Proloud - Rebuilding

Psychic Warrior - Psychic Warrior

Pulse Engine - Polarised

Pure Reason Revolution - Cautionary Tales For The Brave


Qadesh - Experiment In Psychodrama

Quaser - Phase Transition

Quikion - Ramadan

Daniel Patrick Quinn & Beano Jamieson - Suilven 007

Daniel Patrick Quinn - Severed From The Land

Daniel Patrick Quinn - The Winter Hills


Raging Speedhorn - 'How The Great Have Fallen'

Nicola Randone - Morte di un Amore

Rick Ray - Chainsaw Manicure

The Rick Ray Band - Night Of The Living Dedicated

Retroheads - Retrospective

Riverside - (Demo)

Riverside - Out Of Myself

Raimundo Rodulfo’s The Dreams Concerto

Raimundo Rodulfo - To LIVE A Dream (official Bootleg)

Jaime Rosas Trio - Extremos

David Rose Group - Live


Sear - Until The Dust Lies (EP)

Seismic Cry -The Hopeless Flare

Shadow Gallery - Room V

Shinri - Judgenot!


Side Steps - Steps On Edge

Dave Sinclair - Full Circle/Into The Sun

Richard Sinclair - Live Tracks

Richard Sinclair - What In The World

Six North - Prayer

Jozef Skrzek - Koncert Swietokrzyski

Solar Project - Force Majeure

Sonica - The Sound That Fish Make

Spaced Out - Slow Gin

Tony Spada - The Human Element

Special Experiment - Fortune Memories


Sphere3 - Comeuppance

Sphere3 - Paralysis

Spock’s Beard - Feel Euphoria

Spock's Beard - Octane (Special Edition)

Spock’s Beard - Snow

Steelwind - The KH Project

StereoKimono - Ki

StereoKimono - Prismosfera

Stereoscope - Stereoscope

Stream Of Passion - Embrace The Storm

Sula Bassana - Dreamer

Robert Svilpa - The Sound Of Thoughts

Sylvan - Artificial Paradise

Sylvan - X-Rayed

Syzygy - The Allegory Of Light


Talisma - Corpus

The Tangent - The Music That Died Alone

The Tangent - The World That We Drive Through

The Tea Party - Seven Circles

Tenebrious - Culmination Of An Era

Thieves Kitchen - Argot

Timeline - Timeline

Timelock - Circle Of Deception

Tin Scribble - Children Of Saturn

Tinyfish - Tinyfish

Touchstone - Curious Angel

Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever

Transatlantic - Live In Europe (Double DVD and CD Limited Edition)

Trettioåriga Kriget - Elden av år

Trettioåriga Kriget - Hej Pår Er!

Trettioåriga Kriget - Krigssång

Trettioåriga Kriget - Trettioåriga Kriget

Theo Travis - Earth To Ether

Trespass - In Haze Of Time

Tripod - TriPod

The Tsunami Projekt

Tumulus - Winter Wood

Turning Point - Matador


U I Blue - Songbird's Cry

Ultime Atome - Dark Visions

Umphrey's McGee - Anchor Drops

Under The Sun - Schematism, On Stage With Under the Sun

Unicorn Records - Progression In Balance Vol. 1


Van & Borner - Miracles

Van & Borner - Miracles (promo)

Van Der Graaf Generator - Present

Cyrille Verdeaux - Piano For The Third Ear

Vietgrove - The Little Apocrypha

Violent Silence - Violent Silence

Vox Tempus - In The Eye Of Time

Vox Tempus (Promo 2004)


Steve Walsh - Shadowman

Adam Wakeman Band - The Revealing Songs of YES

Rick Wakeman The Legend Live In Concert 2000 DVD (and bonus CD)

Rick Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble – Live in Buenos Aires DVD (and bonus CD)

Rick Wakeman - Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (30th Anniversary Collectors Edition DVD)

Rick Wakeman - Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Live In Concert DVD (and bonus CD)

Rick Wakeman - Out There (DVD)

Wheatstone Bridge - (Demo)

White Willow - Storm Season

The Who DVD-EP (Classic Pictures Special Edition)

Alan Williamson - Across Angry Skies

Willowglass - Willowglass

Withoutending - Withoutending

Witzend - Cosmos And Chaos

Wydawnictwo 21 Record Label Feature


The Xenith Sound (Demo)

The Xenith Sound - Innocence (Demo EP)

Xi - Low (CD-EP)

Xinema - Different Ways


Yellow Matter Custard - One Night In New York City

YES - Acoustic DVD


YES - YesSpeak/Yes Acoustic DVD 35th Anniversary Edition

John Young - Significance


ZAAM - Acid Folk

ZAAM - Nature Beyond

Barbara Zielinska-Van - promo single

Zone Six - Psychedelic Scripture and Live In Der Regenbogenfabrik

Zyclope - Uno



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