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Raging Speedhorn - 'How The Great Have Fallen'

Raging Speedhorn - 'How The Great Have Fallen'Third album from this outfit has again exceeded the metal boundaries as the previous two albums did before. This style of metal seems to be doing well here and in Europe. The combination of heavy riffs, powerful throaty vocals and the crossover between 70's classic rock and modern metal work well.

In the riffs you can pick out Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, and on the faster material there is a strong Iron Maiden influence.

This six piece have been around for a few years, but now with a line-up change are back and currently on tour to promote the album. The near sixty two minutes and twelve tracks includes two bonus tracks, all around the five minute mark, and the message is clear from some of the song titles and lyrics, this lot have attitude for sure!

As before the Zeppelin style riffs denote most of the style, but on the whole the playing is second to none in this field. Track eight Slay The Coward is for me the strongest track on the album, and has the Dazed And Confused type plod, both in riffs and bass lines.

On the CD package side of things, there is a centre spread of the band plus hand-written lyrics which are not too hard to read, but on the whole, a nice package.

'How The Great Have Fallen' should be a healthy seller, because of the ingredients on offer here, and should appeal to many metal fans.

Danny Mayo

Raging Speedhorn



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