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Pure Reason Revolution, The Charlotte, Leicester, 5th October 2005

After reading about this 'prog' band in Classic Rock Magazine, and finding that Pure reason Revolution were to be playing on my doorstep in a manner of apeaking, this was an opportunity not to be missed. As it turned out, it was one of the best performances I have witnessed in a very long time.

The band consists of Jon Courtney (vocals/guitar) Chloe Alper (bass/vocals/keyboards) James Dobson (keyboards/bass/vocals/violin) Greg Jong (vocals/guitar) and Andrew Courtney (drums), and all five of them are talented musicians in their own right. Complete with light projections of psychedelic patterns and images, the band, because of a curfew, virtually played non-stop in their allotted time.

Opening with the instrumental Aeropause, the Floyd influence around the Syd Barrett era shone through, but the true vocals of the band flowed through the P.A in the remainder of the set. Songs such as Apprentice Of The Universe and In Aurlia had James and Chloe swapping instruments, including a violin, with James producing a fine performance playing it and doing a spot of vocals too.

Highlight of the set for me was Bright Ambassadors Of The Morning with the soaring vocal harmonies in the YES vein. The twin guitars of Jon and Greg were unique in the way they were played, sometimes together, or going down different pathways, and Chloe's bass playing was a credit to the band also. Her fret work is worth watching, similar to a certain Chris Squire in my opinion.

Sadly, the evening had to come to an end, and the band closed the set with two more fine songs, Voices In Winter and The Intention Craft. It is the first time in a long while that I have witnessed a 'new' band on the scene that has so much power, energy and passion in their music. And on this performance, they are worth checking out. (See Photos from the gig below.)

If this is the future of 'prog', well we are all in for good times ahead. Class act!

Danny Mayo

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Pure Reason Revolution


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