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Pure Reason Revolution - Cautionary Tales For The Brave

Pure Reason Revolution - Cautionary Tales For The BraveCausing a stir in the 'prog' World, Pure Reason Revolution are fast becoming everyone's favourite new band, and if this keeps up, they should be a household name within a year. If you happen to have a spare thirty minutes, then this is the album to fill it. What you get is four tracks, all complex and layered with nice musical movements, and dripping with influences such as YES, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Renaissance to name a few, then the modern splashes of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters add extra spice to this recording.

Opening track In Aurelia has the Porcupine Tree/Floyd type spacey type sound, and in places has a Hawkwind type feel also. Add the harmonies say of Fleetwood Mac with a near Manchester drum beat such as Stone Roses and this is what you get. The keyboard sounds give the song a nice lift too, but all in all, a nice opening song which fades into the next track.

Now, twelve minute make up this masterpiece The Bright Ambassadors Of The Morning, which also was a single in April 2005. Twelve minute singles would never see the light of day on Top Of The Pops, but at least it shows the band are not afraid of doing something as good as this! Starting off in the moody Floyd Meddle period, complete again with harmonies before the big bombastic four part vocal kicks in. The Zeppelin type riff plods away as the vocals wrap in and around the music, then the middle part of the song changes! It changes into a pleasant instrumental with a guitar sound again Floyd like but Wish You Were Here period style. This then breaks down before the power riffs which have to me the Ten Years Gone feel from Zeppelin sound, plus the four part vocals Fleetwood Mac/YES style move in presenting the title of the song. This for me is the highlight of the album.

Next, a two-part track, Arrival and the second part The Intention Craft which is to be their next single. Again in the Floyd/Porcupine Tree vein with harmonies, powerful riffs that just flow by. Final Track is another two-part song, He Tried To Show Them Magic and Ambassadors Return, which basically puts the final coat of paint on the opus. This again flows and changes with many influences, harmonies and styles, but on the whole, a classic touch of old 70's prog with a modern feeling.

So, there you have it! The first album, albeit a mini one, but on the strength of this, their next opus in my opinion will be again be well composed, and should establish them further onto world-wide status. This offering is just overflowing with musical magic and class, well recommended for all prog fans and lovers of fine musicianship.

Danny Mayo

Pure Reason Revolution


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