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Planet P Project - 1931 (Go Out Dancing Part One)

Planet P Project - 1931 (Go Out Dancing Part One)Planet P Project is the brainchild of Tony Carey. Now to many of you, the name may ring a bell as it did with me, so I probed my record collection finding Rainbow Rising, and sure enough it's him! All those school days long ago posing to such gems as Tarot Woman and the classic Stargazer, at last Tony has produced a album which I would call driving music.

1931 is mainly about the radical right starting in Weimar Germany in 1923, right through to the Federal Building and it is the story of this time in history. This fifty one minute album is mainly electronic in approach, a sort of a Mike And The Mechanics feel to it, but the guitars from Tom Leonhardt slide in and out and give it a extra lift. From the sleeve notes, it seems it has taken a long time to record it like from 1992 up to last year, that's Def Leppard territory in some ways, but time has brought a pleasant album and is well worth the time it has taken to see the light of day.

The ten tracks all average the five minute mark, and all feature radio edits from that period.  Tony is on vocals and keys along with Koen Van Baal (some keyboards), and Ina Morgen (some backing vocals). The songs are quite moving in places, and take you back to that period in time in your mind, but for me The Other Side Of The Mountain and Believe It are the strongest tracks on the album.

To sum up, it is well produced, and should sell quite well in America and Germany with the connections from the countries, but it is well worth a listen for those who are looking for a album to drive to. There are some good songs on here and excellent playing to a high standard. For the ears, it is not heavy, but on the other hand not gentle, just nudging the AOR borders. Progrock Records have signed this band, and for me it is a good move.

Danny Mayo



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