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Plackband - After The Battle

Plackband - After The BattleFollowing on from the piece in our news section back in February, we now have as promised the album. After The Battle consists of 11 tracks of well-produced music, of which a lot of time and thought has gone into. There is a strong mid-Genesis feel around the time when Collins took over the mic duty, and I can sense some Eloy too in the guitar jangles. There is a lot of strong riffs from Ronald Brautigam on guitar, the keys are flowing and plenty, the bass playing from Albert De Keijzer is very good and technical, and the drums from Tom Van Der Meulen just pop up in the right places. Singer Kees Bik has a voice like Peter Gabriel and is quite powerful on all the songs.

For me, the title track After The Battle is my favourite one on the album, and it is the longest cut at 11:18, and has a strong guitar 9/8 type Suppers Ready riff in the opening few bars, and a moog sound you would die for, nice harmonies which you could mistake for Utopia. The Hunchback has a nice swirling synth and a Hackett Entangled type guitar, which flows along very freely.

I have enjoyed this album very much and is one I would recommend to someone looking for a mellow type Eloy/Floyd/Genesis album. It has had many plays, and it has hidden pieces that grab you later on. I would say the live show judging by the cover inside is very visual with the singer wearing changes of headgear, and for a `comeback` recording is a great effort. Twenty years after the band `died`, several members kept their hand in so to speak, and now this is the result.

So, that is my opinion, what is yours? There is only one way to find out!

Check out the bandís web site at and the label for more information on this pleasant release.

Danny Mayo



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