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Parisman (EP Demo)

Parisman (EP Demo)West Yorkshire based Parisman is a five piece band consisting of Mike Saville (guitar), Shaun Halloran (bass, Vocals), James Scholes (drums, vocals, synths), Ian Cassidy (synths, samples) and Hoochy (guitar, synths).  After installing themselves as regulars and gaining experience at various well known venues around the north of England, they decided to enter FutureSound and won a slot at the Leeds Carling Festival.  Dates around the UK followed including York’s Fibbers (ropey décor but great music venue) where they won the prestigious Fibbers/Carlsberg Battle of the Bands.

This five track (half an album) EP includes some tracks released on their previous three EPs but of course they are all new to us.

Radio Mountain opens with spacey synth soon joined by bass, drums and vocals leading to a short frenetic patch bringing to mind a sort of latter day Manfred Mann’s Earthband.  The particularly nice guitar, bass and keyboard pieces can be very prog yet the sound is unique and would be equally accepted by today’s youth as a mix of indie/alt-rock à la Doves.

Inspiration and Tar is a real mix of Zappa, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Genesis (Lamb Lies Down) weirdness and Zeppelin.  Whilst the other four tracks run for 4 to 4½ minutes, Inspiration and Tar stretches just beyond the nine-minute mark in a prog-like manner.

Plasticine Boy has a prog-fusion keyboard (think Rod Argent) lead-in followed by a sort of prog metal-funk, a Buggles type vocal… this is confusing.  Whatever… a cracking track.

Feelings Collide has an Alan Parsons/Porcupine Tree style intro leading into a slightly more conventional pop/rock style, but a million miles ahead of the usual dross featured on Top of the Pops etc.

Finally, The Idea Machine is a sort of mixture of elements of Camel (Moonmadness era) and Porcupine Tree creating a superb modern day progressive track.

The more I listen to the music of Parisman, the more I am seriously considering using the word ‘brilliant’.  There you go, too late now – I’ve done it!  When they finally get around to releasing an album, it will presumably include the tracks on this EP so will be worth getting for that alone.

Jem Jedrzejewski



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