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Of Infinity - The Essence Of Infinity

Of Infinity - The Essence Of InfinityBritish yachtswoman Dame Ellen MacArthur may hold the record for sailing around the world but only the combined powers of the US and UK postal services could take an amazing 71 days to deliver a CD.  Unlike Dame Ellen, Texas based band Of Infinity's delightfully presented package is unable to tell the tale of its epic trip.

Of Infinity, formed in 1999, is a melodic metal band with a difference.  Fronted by Alessandra Zinicola (vocals, piano, keyboards) who is a former Utah Opera & Symphony composer and holds a Trinity College of London pianoforte diploma, Of Infinity are not afraid to include plenty of keyboards, female vocals and even violin in their compositions.

The Essence of Infinity is a three song demo of distinctive quality.  The rapid power drumming of Carlos Teller with Kurtis Kyllo on bass, and angry metal axe of guitarist Nazareth Sando is tempered by the keys and vocals of Alessandra in the first track, The Voice Without.  Although the band has a gothic persona, I was reminded in a way of British pagan rockers, Legend, whose female vocalist had a cultured voice which in my view didn't entirely fit in with the band's music.  Alessandra has an equally cultured voice, but in this case it fits like a glove.

The mix of melodic metal, prog and a touch of classical comes to the fore with Shadow of A Lie, opening and closing with violin performed by Berklee College Of Music educated Emily Hesterman, who guests on the CD, with plenty more in between.  It is heavy but very tuneful.  Like the other two songs, the lyrics are 'dark' as befits the music.

Final track, It's Only Forever, proceeds from the metal guitar intro with a gentle 'skipping' melody carried by vocals and keyboards, punctuated with bluesy distorted guitar now and again.  The piano solo at the end has that Renaissance touch but perhaps I am extending the comparisons just a bit too far if I was to imply that Of Infinity are a heavy metal version of Renaissance!

This taster leaves me wanting to hear more.  The heavy undertones, i.e. the 'metal', are but part of the music, which in my view encompasses more than one genre, not least prog.  I am not surprised that the band have been asked to do the music for two independent films, which should prove very interesting.

The Essence Of Infinity is available for purchase from the band's website for a nominal sum.  Let us hope that it won't be too long before a full album is released.

Jem Jedrzejewski

Of Infinity



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