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Nigel Parrington - Wino

Nigel Parrington - WinoRegular readers may recognise the name Nigel Parrington from his work on ZAAM's Nature Beyond album for brother-in-law Bert D'hooge.  Originally from Lancaster in the north-west of England, but currently living in Belgium, singer-songwriter Nigel has cut this demo CD called Wino.

Consisting of eight songs, first impressions of Wino give recollections of Lindisfarne, gentle folk, acoustic guitar and smatterings of harmonica.  Repeat spins of the disc open this impression to include elements of Pink Floyd to a certain degree vocally (Love's A Rumour and At The End Of The Day) and due to the inclusion of slide-guitar (My Sorrow Won't Drown).

All the songs here are worth hearing but two of the eight are outstandingly good;  Hole In My Heart II has an Al Stewart flavour, great vocals and a bluesy feel.  However, the highlight of the CD has to be the superb Wormwood Blues, the 'blues' in this instance referring to unhappiness and not a musical style.

Nigel may call this a 'demo', and it is a 'home produced' CD, but it is a quality recording worthy of attention.  For those interested in obtaining a copy, email Nigel at the address below.

Jem Jedrzejewski

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