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NovAct - Tales from The Soul

NovAct - Tales from The SoulFrom The Netherlands, the debut album from Novact is well produced, and is a fine example of progressive metal in the world today. With the classic five piece line up of guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals, Novact have been performing at many festivals in the Low Countries during the past two years supporting with such bands as Pain Of Salvation. From the members experiences of performing with other bands and projects, their jigsaw finally came together and this is the result.

On the production side of things, it has been created with the talents of Oliver Philipps and Christian Moos from German band Everon, and there are shades of Everon in the music. But to draw any kind of comparison, Dream Theater and Rush period Power Windows spring to mind straight away. The album has a crisp sound, and you tell that a lot of effort has gone into this. Vocals are from Eddy Borremans, and I can't think of anyone else to compare him with! His voice is strong, and has got a lot of sustain in vocal range, and with the power riffs from Wouter Wamelink on guitar make this a pleasing listen.

Ten tracks make up the fifty two minute album, and the songs fit in very well in a varied sense of feeling. So Help Me God is track five, and the longest one at a shade over seven minutes, and features a fine guitar solo and some nice notes from keyboard player Michiel Reessink. The Rider I feel is the best song in this collection and starts with the Floyd/Marillion radio tune in Wish You Were Here and Forgotten Sons respectively.

The Rush feel follows on the next track Nothing Worth Fighting For, and the guitar sound reminds me of certain Kings X in places.

This is a good album and one for the fans of progressive metal fans to enjoy, and is an impressive debut album from Novact, and deserves a lot of credit.

Danny Mayo


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