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Nosound  - Sol29

Nosound  - Sol29Nosound is a one-man studio project, the man being Italian Giancarlo Erra, though at the time of writing (May 2005) Nosound has been performing live as a band with four other musicians including Alessandro Luci (bass) who also performs on this recording on three of the tracks.

Sol29 is Nosound's debut album and from the word go, has the essence of that floaty relaxation that has been the domain of Porcupine Tree for so many years.  Giancarlo is the guitarist in Redshift, a band that happens to be a top Porcupine Tree cover outfit so no surprises as to Giancarlo's influences.

The essence of PT may have been captured but Nosound's compositions are original.  The lyrical sections are classy, flowing as though they have been constructed in English rather than translated from Italian, and have that inherent 'cleverness' that PT and Pink Floyd often display.  And superbly sung too.

One track, Idle End, has by deliberation or chance some Camel influences, again no particular track or album comes to mind but the style is pleasingly familiar.  The Floydian slide guitar matches the depressive yet easy to relate to (in my case) lyrics in the poignant Hope For The Future.

The album is self produced, not that you could tell as the sound is spot on and the multi page glossy accompanying booklet containing photographs taken by Giancarlo that fit in with the mood, and lyrics.  Sol29 is a classy piece of work.

I sense that Giancarlo is one of those people who make things happen rather than wait for things to happen and will not be surprised to find that Nosound soon becomes known as well internationally as Porcupine Tree before too long.  We can expect a DVD version of Sol29 (full resolution and 24bit stereo sound) later in 2005.

Jem Jedrzejewski



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