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NON FINIRe mai - Katzenjammer

NON FINIRe mai - KatzenjammerFrom Slovenia, NON FINIRe mai are what I can describe as a different kettle of fish altogether. This CD-r album is the brainchild of Ales Uratnik and this fifteen track effort combines many styles and interesting moods. It is what I imagine to be soundtracks to films or television programmes, but in the opening few tracks, there is a hint of King Crimson, Radiohead and modern trance music.

All instrumental apart from the odd burst of vocals and radio type newscaster voices, the music has that soundtrack feel, and the guitars and keyboards match well with the crossover of the drum machine.

I can't really pick out an highlight, as all the tracks are different, and change throughout the duration, of the disc, but there are some interesting sounds all over the place.

As a CD-r, it is a well presented package, with a cardboard cover which slips over the standard CD case, but on the whole it is quite unique musically, and when you reach the end of the opus, it leaves you slightly confused but on the other hand, intrigued.

For more information check out the web link below to hear some sound samples.

Danny Mayo




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