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Nautilus - What Colours The Sky In Your World?

Nautilus - What Colours The Sky In Your World?Nautilus hail from Canterbury, England, formed by members of bands U-Boat and Nostromo.  And in order to keep things all ship-shape, the band's first album, What Colours The Sky In Your World? has been released on their own nautical label, Submergence.

Nautilus is crewed by Andy Challinor (guitars), Paul Blewitt (keyboards), Darryl Finch (drums) and Rob Tyson (bass), and their musicianship ensures that the band never plumb the depths on this maiden voyage.

This seven track album released in October 2004 is entirely instrumental, the four gentlemen having made the decision not to plot a course along the vocal route.

And neither does the music fit into the 'Canterbury' category.  Well not easily anyway, thought the opening gambit of first track Doors To The Dark Room would not be out of place on, say, a Caravan album. The style overall, however, is one of their own, experimental and yet not experimental, but a little Crimsonesque in guitar and arrangement styles.

Themes are built upon sometimes without a lot of change except added emphasis (as in Steve Hackett's Shadow of the Hierophant) yet on some tracks such as Precious Things (why do I get the imagery of Edward and Tubbs?), which is only just over 2 minutes long yet packs in the changes from the intricate to the heavy.  And then there are the mesmerising pieces like Cabin Fever that linger in the mind playing over and over again long after the CD is removed from the player.  If you are au fait with UK kids TV of yesteryear, we are in the realm of a dark Trumpton for adults here, not 'x' rated for nudity but for disturbing images.  In a nice way of course.

I know some people just don't like music without vocals because often as in the case of Nautilus, they will never know what they are missing.  An excellent debut work and welcome addition to the British prog scene.

Jem Jedrzejewski



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