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My Empty Room - Grand Illusions

My Empty Room - Grand IllusionsDanish outfit, My Empty Room, have recently (April 2005) released their debut album, Grand Illusions.

With a style leaning towards progressive metal, the four tracks on this 41-minute album have power and presence.  Yet My Empty Room balance the 'metal' aspect with good old prog rock with enthralling riffs and melodies.  To match this, the vocals veer towards the prog rather than the metal, strong but generally unstrained and great to listen to.

Though the band members were barely born when bands such as Genesis and YES were producing some of their best work, they name these and other bands as influences, and the compositions reflect this.  Dream Theater, Spock's Beard and Symphony X also get a mention, and the early experience of a couple of members when they played in heavy metal bands are also on display on Grand Illusions.

The band have their own sound yet each of the four tracks tends to put emphasis on different styles to a degree.  From the seriously heavy Blind, the proggy Slippin' Away, the ballad style of Still Searching and finishing with a Spock's Beard-ish-come-Jadis-ish epic Illusions, it is nice to hear guitar AND keyboards feature in equal measure throughout.

Grand Illusions is a strong debut album with wide appeal.  Prog Metal fans are sure to enjoy this one but so will those not so keen on the genre. Hurrah!

Jem Jedrzejewski

My Empty Room



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