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MohoDisco - Kaloomith

MohoDisco - KaloomithMohoDisco is San Francisco based instrumentalist/composer/producer Bruce White.  The name, MohoDisco, or at least the ‘disco’ bit probably doesn’t immediately associate with the type of music that most of our readers are into, but as Shakespeare once said (or something along these lines) ‘what’s in a name?’   Believe me when I tell you that I’d be surprised if you didn’t want to hear MohoDisco.

Bruce plays guitar, synthesiser and bass and is joined by 14 guest musicians on Kaloomith, (not all at the same time) assisting him on bass and keyboards and adding drums/percussion and electric violin and even didgeridoo.

The music is quite diverse, often within each individual track.  Bruce uses a recipe of breakbeat electronica, jazz-fusion and progressive rock gently folded together to create a spicy appetising mix of aural delights.

Main themes offer riffs, such as the album opener, Praxis, melodies as in Our Paths Are Sonic Waves, ambient prog as in Gravity, mesmerising sound beats as in Remote Viewer, strange ‘Genesis – Lamb Lies Down’ synth effects as in Soft And Sharp, seriously break-neck prog and rock guitar and violin as in The Source, a combination of changing styles as in Mystery Falls, to a gentler groove as in the final and title track, Kaloomith.  But these are only simplified descriptions; the arrangements are much more complex with much going on in the background.  Synth washes and patterns add to the texture and the bass and percussion combine to provide a totally modern and lively, yet chilled (as in ‘chilled out’) groove to the whole album.  The musicianship is both tight and free, i.e. they know what they are doing and do it well.

The word ‘groove’ springs to mind every time I listen to Kaloomith and perhaps it is that which gives meaning to the name MohoDisco.  Actually, the project was originally conceived as the Mohorific Discontinuity (a misspelling of a geology term), so there you go.  Whatever, this is an album I liked from the word go.  For more info, sound samples and purchase details, check out the MohoDisco website.

Jem Jedrzejewski



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