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Martin Maheux Circle - Physics of Light

Martin Maheux Circle - Physics of LightCanadian drummer, Martin Maheux, is perhaps better known for his performances with the jazz-prog band Spaced Out which has appeared at the legendary Nearfest.  As an outlet for his own compositions, he decided to create MM Circle and targeted four other musicians to accompany him on his project.

So, Physics Of Light is Martin’s first solo album (he is currently working on his next) and a treat for lovers of contemporary jazz mixing sounds of more traditional jazz instrumentation (double bass, piano, trumpet, drums) with modern keyboard and violin.  The seven tracks, all innovatively titled in the physics of light theme, have a distinctive jazz style; some tracks and passages going down an ‘experimental’ route, yet this ‘experimentation’ is along the lines of improv and the main theme is rarely far away.  The use of modern keyboards and violin lends a prog ‘feel’ on many an occasion and elements of Gong, Hatfield And the North and even Jean Michel Jarre are determinable especially if one substitutes in one’s mind, say, a guitar for the trumpet.  Musicianship is excellent and the compositions are clever without touching on the pretentious.

This is an album to be listened to in subdued light whether alone on in intimate company.  So, if you are a ‘grown up’ and looking for intellectually stimulating music, look no further.

Martin mentions that he would like to compose a piece for violin quartet, but doesn’t mention what style he has in mind.  Will this feature on the next album I wonder?

Jem Jedrzejewski


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