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Motörhead DVD-EP (Classic Pictures Special Edition)

Motörhead DVD-EP (Classic Pictures Special Edition)Motörhead is apparently an Anglo-American euphemism for ‘speed freak’ which is rather apt as founder member Lemmy was allegedly sacked from space rockers, Hawkwind, after being stopped by customs on the Canadian border in possession of amphetamine sulphate, otherwise known as speed.  Lemmy wanted to call the band Bastard, but his manager pointed out that with a name like that they would be unlikely to get onto Top Of The Pops.  So in 1975, Motörhead was born. 

Resembling a rogue faction of the Gypsy Warlords, Lemmy and his crew have been granted the accolade of loudest band of all time.  Motörhead is not a band to go and see if you have a headache!

Classic Pictures Entertainment have unearthed some early archive footage of the band shot in Germany and though insufficient to produce a normal length DVD, cleverly came up with the idea of releasing the material as part of their budget DVD-EP series.  The DVD-EPs in the series consist of four sections; Track Select (the main featured performances); Pop-Up DVD (the same tracks but with added on-screen facts along the lines of TOTP2); Previews (a selection of partial tracks by other artists in the series); DVD Jukebox (a selection of tracks from feature length Classic Pictures DVDs).

Three classic Motörhead songs from the 1980/81 period are covered; Ace of Spades (from the album Ace of Spades, 1980), Motörhead (From No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith, 1981) and in collaboration with the all female band Girlschool, Please Don’t Touch (from the EP The St Valentines Day Massacre). Please note that Please Don’t Touch is worlds apart from the Steve Hackett track of the same name.  All these songs were filmed in 1981.  Total length of this and the Pop-Up DVD sections is just over nine minutes apiece.

Ace of Spades must be the most well-known heavy metal track of all time.  Even if you are not disposed to heavy metal, you have to admire the speed and aggression of the performance.  Amusingly, whenever Motörhead and Girslschool got together they performed under the banner Motor Headgirl School.  I’m not sure if the members of Girlschool are the sort who went to school (but don’t say anything because they scare me as much as they intrigue me).

The preview section covers Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, The Who, Joe Cocker, Meatloaf, The Beach Boys and Rod Stewart offering a taster of the other DVD-EP’s in the series (running time 3:30 mins).

The DVD Jukebox section (running at over 35 mins) provides a selection of tracks from feature length DVDs available from Classic Pictures by UFO, Steve Marriott, for the heavy metal fans Doro Pesch and Warlock, UK Subs, The Long Ryders, Jack Bruce, Edgar Winter (classic Winter with Leon Russell), Big Country, Black Sabbath (with Ronnie James Dio) and Blue Oyster Cult).  Track details of the DVDs from which these tracks are taken are displayed onscreen.

Technical Aspects

Picture and sound quality is very good on the whole.  The performances were originally filmed for German TV and recorded in colour. 

Package Features

The DVD has a fully animated menu from which can be accessed the sections and tracks within the sections at will.

The DVD sleeve provides full listings of all sections.

The DVD is multi-region PAL format, 4:3 screen ratio, with selectable Dolby© Digital 5.1/DTS.


I admit to being a heavy metal fan, and my ears would start bleeding within minutes of entering the concert hall (I like ‘loud’ but define loud).  That said, Lemmy and crew are entertainers and the risk of cerebral damage in one’s own home from watching this DVD though unlikely is worth it (“just don’t turn the volume control to 11.  Yes, the windows will probably blow out”).  Fast heavy metal for just £6.99. (Release date 23rd September 2002 Cat No. DVD7012X)

Jem Jedrzejewski


Classic Pictures Entertainment website



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