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Mark Christopher Lee - Away With the Fairies

Mark Christopher Lee - Away With the FairiesItís Sunday morning (my mornings extend into the afternoon).  The feeling of lethargy and general delicateness of mind and body is a sign that anything involving great physical energy and shock to the system is to be avoided at all costs.  At the top of the CDs to be reviewed stack I spy Away With the Fairies, which is rather apt considering my present temperament.

My mind jumps from thoughts of the Cottingley Fairies (due to the CD insert picture) and the scene from cult film The Wicker Man where Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee) watches (supposedly) naked young girls dancing in a circle on the lawn, from a window in his castle (strictly speaking, Culzean Castle in Ayrshire though this scene was shot in the gardens of Castle Kennedy).  

As if by coincidence there is some Scottish connection at least with the title of one track, The Gold Of Fairnilee, Fairnilee being situated in the eastern border country.  There are also some tenuous or otherwise literary connections with the track listing; The Golden Bough for one is also the title of a book about magic and religion.

Of course, the most important part is the music.  To say that it is in the acid folk, spacerock mould is certainly true.  The trippy Syd Barrett style of the late 60ís, early 70ís, is there but so is a kind of timeless acoustic element making it difficult to date Ė a sort of not quite 60ís stretched to not quite 2004.  Itís hard to explain or describe.  One minute there is a typical Barrett section, then there is a sort of Piper At The Gates Of Dawn piece yet there are other influences mixed in such as early and late Popol Vuh, Dead Can Dance (their A Passage In Time in particular) and probably many more.  The five tracks (only showing as four on my promo copy) have a total running time of 64 minutes or so and beg an immediate repeat play.

The effect is both thought provoking (little melodies bubble to the top like the bubbles in a lava lamp) and relaxing.  Recommended for those delicate Sunday mornings or very, very late nights.

Mark, who is better known as the frontman for The Pocket Gods, is planning a tour of Europe this summer and will be headlining the Kasterlee Festival in Belgium.

Away With The Fairies can purchased direct from Mark.  Send an email to for further details.

Jem Jedrzejewski


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