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Magenta –- Revolutions

Magenta - RevolutionsWhen I played the first track from the sampler that dropped through my letterbox from F2 music, it hit me that this album was something special.  A double concept album, and nicely priced too I may add, of 120 minutes of fine English prog.  I say English, because it has touches of Jethro Tull, Steeleye Span, Yes, Genesis and most of all Renaissance.  You have a fine female singer in Christina, and she gives this album a real folk touch, say like Maddy Prior and Annie Haslam did a few years ago.

The album itself has a theme called faith, and is enclosed around 4 tracks around the 20 minute mark, a closing track called `The Warning` which clocks in at 7.17, and a couple of links called Opus 1 and Opus 2 on each disc.

The first part, `Children Of The Sun` starts off with a little `La la la la` type vocal, which takes us through the prog journey and leads us wanting not a lot more. This has the making of being a classic track, and it is well performed too. After the first Opus part, `The White Witch` is next.  Now, this is that same track from the sampler, and for me it is the strongest from the album.  It reminds me of Curved Air in places, but it has a strong `Lamb` feel to it.

On to disc 2, and the opener `Man The Machine` starts of a little `Trick Of The Tail` type of piano and guitar, but it soon goes somewhere down the lane what we all love to hear.

After Opus 2, `Genetesis` hits us, and it is the showcase being the most complex piece on the album. The keys really come through on this one very well.  Final track `The Warning` is the rocker on it, and has a great riff going through it.

On the whole, it has plenty of tunes that stick in your head for weeks, and to whistle all day long. To say that this is ambitious to do in this day and age is true, but I can see this doing well in Europe, and someday we could see it performed live.  I can’t remember how many times I have played it now, but it will be in my all time top 10 before long.

Just one word to sum this creation up, MASTERPIECE!  To find out more about F2 Music and to order this CD, go to their website at

Danny Mayo

Track Listing

Magenta - Revolutions

Disc 1

1. Children Of The Sun (19.00)

  a.. i. Spirit Of The Land=20

  b.. ii. The Journey=20

  c.. iii. The Battle=20

  d.. iv. Thanksgiving

  5. Opus 1 (0.51)

  6. The White Witch (20.23)=20

  a.. i. Overture=20

  b.. ii. The White Witch=20

  c.. iii. The Plague=20

  d.. iv. Reflection=20

  e.. v. The Spell=20

Disc 2

1. Man The Machine (24.56)

  a.. i. Man And Machine=20

  b.. ii. War=20

  c.. iii. Rememberance=20

  d.. iv. The Watchers=20

  e.. v. Lightspeed=20

  f.. vi. First Contact

  7. Opus 2 (1.16)

  8. Genetesis (21.48)=20

  a.. i. The New Age=20

  b.. ii. Renewed purpose=20

  c.. iii. A New Life=20

  d.. iv. The Search For Faith=20

  e.. v. The Creed=20

13. The Warning (7.17)


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