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Magenta - Another Time... Another Place

Magenta - Another Time... Another PlaceAfter two albums and a single, those Magenta people have released a sort of greatest hits live! On this double CD, ten tracks span nearly two hours of the career of the Welsh outfit, and after seeing the band live many times, this is close to the real thing. The recording is very clear indeed, and of excellent quality, and when hearing it for the first time, you expect the band to be there in front of

Recorded at various venues in the UK and Europe, this is the perfect album to purchase if you want to try the band out first. Owners of the band's previous releases will add it to their collection of course, and it re-creates the magic of the bands live performances. I must admit, Christina's voice cuts through the mix very well, and is very crisp and clear, while all the other instruments fall in a straight-line too.

Disc one is slightly longer than disc two, but opens with the intro of Opus 3, which leads into Gluttony. The playing on this track is excellent, especially the twin guitars from Chris Fry and Martin Rosser, and along with the synths from Rob Reed has you reaching for the nearest tennis racket for you know what! Lust follows, then the single Broken which has bass player Matthew Cohen in a class sound! Revolutions opening track Children Of The Sun is next and the longest on the first disc, then Call Me which was an old Cyan song which has Christina in fine voice!

For me the albums strongest track opens the second disc, The White Witch, and is the longest song on this presentation. The shortened version Genetesis plods along in true Magenta style, and for me, Allan Mason-Jones' drumming comes to the fore-front on this one. The yee haa shout from Christina ends the guitar and keyboard battle between Chris and Rob on Pride, then the final song Anger takes the whole album down to the slow quiet level.

The booklet is packed with info, such as personnel, equipment and lots of photos too. It's amazing how some of the members have changed looks in a short space of time, but it could be the stage lighting! As mentioned before, this will appeal to the fans of the band, but I feel will tempt many Yes, Genesis and Renaissance followers into hearing this, but as live albums go, this is ideal and a perfect example of modern progressive rock live.

Danny Mayo


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