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Magenta - I'm Alive (CD Single)

Magenta - I'm Alive (CD Single)Here we go with another release from Magenta, and their second single. Just nudging under twenty nine minutes, the four tracks are again what you would expect from this Welsh outfit. The newer material, it has to be said, is heavier in approach, and the new album Home is fast coming up.

I'm Alive kicks off the release, and starts of with acoustic guitar before exploding into the power of Chris Fry and Martin Rossers' electric guitar, and combined with the heavy bass riffs from Matthew Cohen gives the song a fine edge. Rob Reed's orchestral keys give it a lift too, as do the vocals from Christina.

Next, Cold is a demo and was planned for a earlier Cyan album nearly ten years ago, but I feel this gentle number suits Magenta in their style. King Of The Skies follows, and is a rocker of a number. The riff carries through, and with the 'oh yeahs' will be a live favourite. Pride is  presented as a Director's Cut, which starts off with a different direction from 'Seven', then comes back into the line of things as the album.

As a bonus, a PC-friendly video in QuickTime format of the last single, Broken, is included, which is a fine example of the band live. What more can I say, but another fine release from the band, and two more songs for their fast growing catalogue. Next year looks a good one already!

Danny Mayo




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