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Magenta At The Point, Cardiff, 24th September 2004

Performing to a fair sized ‘home’ crowd, Magenta played a thoroughly entertaining set of old and new material in support of their forthcoming live album.

The Point in Cardiff is an adequate venue, and as it was formally a church, the acoustics are very good indeed. With a healthy bill of names, The Point could become a notable place to play for semi-big names. Great for parking too, very good in this day and age!

From the orchestral opening, the two guitarists of Chris Fry and Martin Rosser, and the bandanna wearing six-string bass player Matthew Cohen, perched with their backs to the crowd, looked at drummer Allan Mason-Jones, and the opening jangling guitar launched into Gluttony. Enter the stage, the white figure of singer Christina, and it was clear from the first vocal line, the punters were in for a good show.

It has to be said, Christina has a very unique voice, and combined with her smiles and her little jigs on stage, makes her an entertaining icon on her own. But not forgetting the band behind her, the dramatic keyboard sounds from Rob Reed control the melody side of things. Rob on stage is a very mobile player, moving his body to the music, which you don’t really see a keyboard player do, but his playing is very precise along with his backing vocals.

Lead guitarist Chris Fry just loves playing live. His guitar playing and solos you can’t fault in anyway. His dramatic style of going down on one knee makes him the most visual character in the band.

Going back to the set, again from this year’s stunning album Seven, Lust was next; again, the band was firing on all cylinders. The single Broken followed, and the audience received it with a welcomed cheer.

With the new double concept album, due for release next March, we had a sample of new material in the shape of the next single. This song was called King Of The Sky, and it is the B-side (if you can get a B-side on a CD!) of I’m Alive, and it is a lot harder and heavier than anything else the band has ever done. If this is anything to go on, the new album will be worth the wait.

 If this is anything to go on, the new album will be worth the wait.

Next, for me the highlight of the evening, The White Witch was played, and in my opinion the best I have heard it performed.

Christina then said they were going to slow things down a little because they are all getting old (??) a old Cyan song Call Me was next, followed by the next single I’m Alive.

Closing the set was a snippet from Genetisis, and most of the crowd were following Christina’s swaying arms, and at one point, she walked down the steps at the front of the stage to sing to small crowd of females who were dancing.

Two encores were played, Pride from Seven, and a part from Revolutions’ Children Of The Sun.

This was an enjoyable evening, and with some ‘premier’ gigs just around the corner, such as ‘Progsfest’, ‘Progeny2’ and the BOTY awards in Rotherham with IQ, Magenta will be a force in the years to come.  (click on thumbnails below to launch full size photo in new window.)

Danny Mayo



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