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The Lizards - They Live!

The Lizards - They Live!Hot on the heels of their recent studio album, Rule, The Lizards return with two live recordings, a DVD and a CD. 

They Live! was recorded at the Canada Tavern, Windsor, Ontario back in September 2003, and features John Garner, Patrick Klein Randy Pratt and Bobby Rondinelli.

Live CDs can be a hit or miss affair either because of the recording or the performance.  No such problems here Iím pleased to report.  Sound is good and the atmosphere and raw energy remains intact.

The set includes tunes from the latest album, Rule, and from their self-titled debut work, The Lizards.

If you look at our review of Rule, you will get an idea of what the music is all about.  One reference which eluded us at the time of that review but which becomes more obvious with the live performance is that of the legendary Arthur Brown, whose sound is comparable on more than one track, but that is just our impression.

Unlike most live albums, They Live! appears to be largely unedited so we hear the audience applause, whistles etc. and band introductions, just like being in the audience in fact.  These guys donít need studio overdubs.

As previously mentioned, the DVD was recorded on a different night at another venue so this CD is not just an audio only version of the DVD and both are well worth getting.

With another tour on the horizon and an expected summer release of their third studio album, one wonders if the band ever gets a break.  Maybe rock Gods donít need sleep!

Jem Jedrzejewski

The Lizards


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