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The Lizards, Roadmender, Northampton, 19th February 2005

Continuing with the support tour to Glenn Hughes, The Lizards again produced a storming show. Performing a little longer than their show over a week earlier at Dudley's JB's (see review) the band presented the well sized crowd with some new songs and, of course, a selection from their back catalogue.

The band started to appeal to the steadily growing crowd with the third song of the set The Rodeo, with Randy Pratt on the harmonica opening a few of the punters eyes at the front of the stage. Guitarist Patrick Klein played solid and faultless through the set, and was on top form with backing vocals too. Mike Di Meo's vocals remained powerful throughout, and he must be one of the best rock singers around today. Bobby Rondinelli was smiling to the crowd as he made playing the drums look easy, looking at Patrick and Mike as he hit crash cymbals and a huge gong over his right shoulder. With Bobby's impressive C.V, the crowd knew they were watching a legend in his own right.

With the songs from the album Cold Blooded Kings (see review) such as Down, Hyperspace and The Opal Crest Of Zed, the crowd soon flocked to the merchandise stand to purchase the album, and sales on the tour were healthy as I was informed. Going back to The Opal Crest Of Zed, Bobby delighted the crowd with a drum solo at the end of the song. With his fast cross hand cymbal style, he teased the crowd with a pause, and a 'well come on then' sort of look as the crowd responded with a cheer, he proceeded again with a little more, before rounding off with a bash of the gong!

Of the new songs, Dark Angel stood out, and for me was the highlight of the set. With Mike on keyboards and the backing vocals of Patrick, gave this song a fine edge. Time wise, it was quite long, but with many changes it appealed to me. The excellent six string bass playing from Randy combined with Bobby's drums make this The Lizards Stargazer or Stairway to Heaven. For me, it has the making of a classic, and I hope it appears on their next album. With new songs like this, the future looks great for the band. With more guitar orientated bands around, this is a perfect time for the band to make an impact, and with shows like tonight, it won't be long before they are out on their own tours.

Danny Mayo


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