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Liquid Scarlet

Liquid ScarletThis CD was in my player before I had read anything about Liquid Scarlet.  Punchy delivery with bags of Mellotron made me wonder if this new release from Progress Records was some long lost treasure from the 70’s.  As the CD continued to spin, something about the sound and compositions threw some doubt in my mind – yes, there is a definite 70’s flavour but there is also a modern edge to the whole thing.

Liquid Scarlet is, in fact, a young band from the north of Sweden – all five members are in their twenties yet the band has been gigging for seven years.

I am pleased to find that the compositions on this, their debut album, are entirely original.  Liquid Scarlet is no Genesis, Camel, King Crimson or Anekdoten clone despite the fact that some of the sounds and styles of those bands would appear to have been of influence.  There are also hints of Elbow and Coldplay, particularly with regard to vocals.

It would be hard not to like this album whether you are a Mellotron obsessed prog fan of the old school or a latter day indie rock protagonist.  Check out the sound and video samples available for download from the Liquid Scarlet website (link below), making a point of looking at the band’s lively performance in the Hesitating In the Foyer movie (second track on the album).

Jem Jedrzejewski

Liquid Scarlet

Progress Records


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