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Knitting By Twilight - Someone To Break The Silence

Knitting By Twilight - Someone To Break The SilenceFrom the USA, Knitting By Twilight have this advance five track offering taken from their forthcoming album An Evening Out Of Town. John Orsi is the main man on this project, and John himself performs percussion, caboodle, keyboards and some vocals.

Joined by Karen Orsi on bass, guitar and some vocals, Mike Marando guitars, and gitcello performed by Don Sullivan, this is a kind of soundtrack style album. The sound in places reminds me of Peter Gabriel in his PG3 to PG4 periods with the experimental sounds and moves, and is a bit of a surprise when you first press play.

The many movements are very percussion-based and make up an interesting combination, with the keyboards adding a touch of spice to the mix. To say this is interesting, well you are not far wrong, but with the sounds, a added Tangerine Dream influence appears to my mind.

This is a unique sort of music, and wouldn't be out of place in a film environment, but I feel to get the whole effect, you need to listen to the whole album, but on first impressions, it has grown on me.

Danny Mayo

Knitting By Twilight


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