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Kino At Mean Fiddler, London, 22nd April 2005

Making their first London show, 'prog supergroup' Kino performed a very professional set in front of a large crowd. With the personnel on board, this fine quartet presented the punters with a set which consisted basically of their their debut album and a few surprises too.

Taking to the stage at around 9pm, John Mitchell, Pete Trewavas, John Beck and guest drummer Bob Dalton opened with Leave A Light On. You could tell by the opening few bars that this was going to be a great night, and in due respect the crowd were fired up too. From the same album, People was next, and the band were showing their impressive musicianship. Pete Trewavas was smiling to the crowd as he was very mobile playing his bass, and John Beck again was in his element with the famous facial expressions what he is known by.

Following number Holding On saw Pete on acoustic guitar which had a false start in which something wasn't quite right, but a crew member soon put it right. We had the shouts for Grendel and when John Mitchell played the opening bars of that very song, the crowd went into overdrive. But it was short lived and Pete's guitar was working as it should be. After Perfect Tense, the first dive into two of the members back catalogue was next. From Once Around The World, Plastic Dreamer was performed. With Bob Dalton and John Beck on backing vocals, and John Mitchell's voice near to sounding like Frank Dunnery's, the band and audience were in perfect harmony with the vocals. Well, that just shows that It Bites are still remembered well.

Next, John Beck took to the lead vocal for Swimming In Women, and a fine performance it was too. Letting Go again had the crowd singing away with the band, and Pete done a fine job on backing vocals on this one. At this point, John Mitchell said he needed a hand on the high notes on the next one because of a head cold, but to be honest, I don't think anyone really noticed he had one. John then announced that the next one was a Urbane song, which the crowd were in full support of. From the album Glitter, 12 got the crowd on their heels, and closing number Losers' Day Parade was for me the highlight of the night with the quartet note perfect.

Encores were next, and just with the two Johns on stage, the title track Picture was played. The keyboard sounds and styles from John Beck were faultless, as the crowd gave a big cheer. Next to Pete's band Marillion, Afraid Of Sunlight got most of the crowd in fine voice and smiles all round. This was a great version and when the final song of the night Kiss Like Judas put the lid on this eventful night, the band left the stage and everyone was very happy when they made their way to the exit. [see photo galleries below.]

Danny Mayo

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