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King's X - Ogre Tones

King's X - Ogre TonesOne of the most underrated bands around, Doug Pinnick (vocals, bass), Jerry Gaskill (drums, backing vocals) and Ty Tabor (guitars, backing vocals) otherwise known as King's X, have released a fine collection of songs on their thirteenth album Ogre Tones. On this new product, there are a lot of styles including melodic rock and the metal side of things. King's X have always reminded me of The Beatles in their song writing, harmonies, and the song structure.

Thirteen songs make a total time of just under the forty-eight minute mark, and from the opening rocker Alone with the power riffs from Ty's guitar and Doug's voice, it sounds just like any other King's X album, but second track Stay has a little softness and power, and is a nice mix. Hurricane is a nice plodding number, very Beatles in places including the chorus, and an early stand-out track in my opinion.

Fly which is the forth track starts off with an Hendrix feel, but the Beatles chorus takes it into a different direction and again is a high point on the album. The heavy side of the band appears on Bebop which has a slight 'comedy' moment if you can guess from the title, and again is a pleasing song. A nice acoustic guitar arrives on Honesty which touches the two and a half minute single category.

Highlight for me is track twelve Mudd which is a slow plodding song with Ty's distorted guitar taking pride of place, and again The Beatles style chorus give this song a great feel. Ty also wades in with an impressive guitar solo towards the end, but all around, for me the premier song.

This is a good album song wise and production wise also, King's X fans will love it of course, and I feel it is a essential purchase for anyone that wants something between soft rock and metal.  Recommended.

Danny Mayo

King's X


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