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KBB - Four Cornerís Sky

KBB - Four Cornerís SkyWhen you hear this for the first time you could be excused for thinking that Caravanís line up had changed yet again with the addition of ex-Softís (and current Fairportís) Ric Saunders in Jazz-prog-Celtic-folk mode.  Realizing your mistake, as the album is entirely instrumental, you hazard a guess as to the nationality of the musicians. They have to be British, donít they?  Maybe Irish, French or at a push, Italian?  Well, if you had gambled money on it, you would have lost because KBB is Japanese.

KBB formed in 1992 but only saw their first album, Lost And Found, released in 2000.  Their second, Four Cornerís Sky, has just been released on the Musea label and is an absolute stunner!  The band currently consists of Akihisa Tsuboy (violins, cellolin, guitars), Toshimitsu Takahashi (keyboards), Dani (bass, guitars) and Shirou Sugano (drums).  And before you ask, I assume a cellolin is a cello-violin hybrid Ė if you know differently, let me know.

Such is the virtuosity and tightness of KBB, it is hard not to believe they have been going for decades.  The catchy melodies and arrangements are saliva inducing, fooling the brain that one is hearing something pleasantly familiar from the distant past when, in fact, itís just a repeat of the main theme heard moments ago.  The rhythmic beat, time and chord changes compound that Ďeuphoricí feeling you get when you feel involved with the music.

Though Four Cornerís Sky has an overall jazziness, there are individual moments of out and out classic prog and contemporary jazz that are equally an absolute delight.  However, the genres are mostly combined and entwined encompassing funky electric piano, growling powerful organ, purposeful electric guitar, to die for violin virtuosity and a rhythm section that would still be exciting without any other instrumentation.

I have little doubt that this album will be voted by many as their album of the year, but as we at the Hairless Heart Herald try to avoid such subjectiveness, let me just say that the CD will be making many repeat returns to my CD player tray.

(If you want to hear a sample from the opening track, Discontinuous Spiral, click on the Musea link below then go to their new releases section.)

Jem Jedrzejewski




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