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Karmakanic - Entering The Spectra

Karmakanic - Entering The SpectraWell, here we have another offering from the Flower Kings stable. This one has been masterminded by bassist Jonas Reingold. Along with Jonas, fellow Flower Kings Roine Stolt, Tomas Bodin, Zoltan Csorsz, ex drummer Jamie Salazar make up the players. Robert Engstrand has played with the FK's on stage when Tomas Bodin has not been present, and along with Goran Edman and Johan Glossner, make this album a pleasant journey through many styles, featuring the power of Going For The One period YES, the strength of early King's X, and a touch of late King Crimson.

The album is a concept story, taking place a mere 3,000 years into the future, and with the story book entrance from Diana Nunez, leads us into the longest cut, which is the title track, clocking in at a delightful 12:20. This track opens well with a nice ELP type time-changes, which you wouldn't miss from Tarkus, and with nice lyrics about sitting under the sun watching butterflies flutter by, reminds you a lot of a certain style of Jon Anderson. A certain Mr Stolt takes the lead vocals on this one.

The in your face third track, The Spirit Remains The Same, has a strong King's X style riff going through it, and with some nice haunting vocals from Goran Edman, makes this stand out very well on the album. The rockier Cyberdust From Mars is the forth track, which is more straight forward than the previous tracks, works well, but the fifth track Space Race no3, might had just made it on the last Flower Kings effort The Rainmaker. It just reminds you of that album! 

The Man in The Moon Cries is track 6, and yet again it is more of a stadium type rock song. Tomas Bodin's keys really shine on this, with a cracking Hammond sound, we have a Dream Theater influence on the instrumental seventh track, One Whole Half, and this is when Jonas takes the lead and plays a mean bass, excellent playing, showing plenty of jazz too.

The eight track Is This The End, sets us up quite nice to a grand display of production, with many sounds, (a bit of static on the old vinyl here folks!) and it is a perfect little tune with King's X type harmonies, and did I detect a little Queen in there too? The riffs come into force too, and there is a real in your face keyboard solo near the end of this.

Jonas shows us what he can do in a solo bass piece Cello Suite no1 In G Major, and he opens the final track, Welcome To Paradise, which is another long one, clocking in at 9:19, which is a bit of a theatre piece, like say The Wall in places, but there is some great keys playing, and some nice harmonies, which leads us into a YES type Flower Kings movement.

To have the final words on this opus, it is another chapter in the Flower Kings members history, and it is one of the albums of this year. I yet again take my hat off to the playing, and in the right moment should sell quite well. The Flower Kings buying public will of course add it to their collection, and I hope a wider rock audience will give this a listen too.

Danny Mayo



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