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Kaos Moon - The Circle Of Madness

Kaos Moon - The Circle Of MadnessKaos Moon started out as Moon Project, changing their name in 1985.  After many gigs and television appearances, the band ceased and reformed with line-up changes in 1993, releasing their debut album, After The Storm, in '94.  Due to other commitments, original member, Bernard Ouellette, has to delay the second album until a meeting with Unicorn Records' Michel St-Pere in 2002 provides renewed interest.  With, basically, a new line-up, Bernard and Kaos Moon release The Circle Of Madness in December 2004.

The resultant album is instantly likeable, and I do mean the whole album.  A whole variety of keyboards are used, as is violin, sitar and 12-string..

The overall sound, with different emphasis on individual tracks is a combination of Spock's Beard (melody), Big Big Train (vocals), Genesis (keys), Enid (some guitar), Camel (bass), Fairport Convention and Caravan (violin styles from folk to jazzier prog).  As you can imagine from the aforementioned, this is seriously good 'motoring' prog on the gentle side of the genre yet with underlying strength.  The upbeat feel of The Circle of Madness has its slightly funky-prog moments which helps the ease of flow of the memorable tunes.

I spent a day listening to the CD over and over and can't imagine losing interest in the music.  Oddly enough, I had a strange deja vu experience in that I felt I had heard some of the tracks before which would, presumably, be impossible if they had not been previously released.  Perhaps it is down to excellent compositions that flow so well and the highly polished performance.  You could visit the Unicorn website and listen to some MP3 samples from the album but this is one CD you can buy blind (or deaf?) and relish the anticipation of popping it in the player.

Jem Jedrzejewski

Unicorn Records


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