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Kamelot - The Black Halo

Kamelot - The Black HaloMelodic power metal quartet Kamelot release this new album in mid March 2005, and it will be their eighth album in just ten years. The Black Halo features classical orchestrations and combined with the power riffs with melody makes this a fine release.

With many bands in this category, Kamelot seem to have a unique sound. The vocals by Khan are strong, and yet they glide around the songs similar to a certain Geoff Tate in many ways. With the vocals, the guitar from Thomas Youngblood, the bass from Glenn Barry and the drums from Casey Grillo, the playing on this is in many ways is excellent. It has the feel of a 'Rock Opera', and with a female voice on many of the tracks, give it a leading edge.

On the product side of things, as you can see it has nice artwork, and the total time clocks in at just under sixty minutes. Fourteen tracks make up the time, and each one is very different in their own right. The orchestrations make a welcomed entrance in certain ones, but along with the double hammer bass drum thud make an interesting combination.

Of the fourteen tracks, I have chosen Abandoned as my favourite in many ways because of the construction and the female vocals that join Khan. Mermento Mori is a very moving song and could be close to a Queensryche type ballad.

The whole album starts off with the March Of Mephisto, and is what it says, a march! If you remember the sound heard on Deep Purple's Knocking At Your Back Door, well it is similar to that.

I feel this will be great to see performed live, and from this album there is a lot of energy which will be transformed from the stage to the crowd. This is a good album, and it should appeal to many metal fans alike.

Danny Mayo



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