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Kaipa - Notes From The Past

Kaipa - Notes From The PastReformed Kaipa have returned in 2002 and produced a real gem of an album. The end. No, not really, but to describe this near on 80 minute epic is very easy indeed. Original members from the 70`s and 80`s Hans Lundin (keyboards) and Roine Stolt (guitars of course!) have brought in fellow Flower Kings stable mate Jonas Reingold (bass) Ritual`s Patrik Ludstrom (vocals) Morgan Argen (drums) and produced what you would call a classic.

Title of the album `Notes From The Past` is in two parts and opens and ends this journey of fine prog. Along the way you have the early Genesis Mellotron sound like on Foxtrot, and the synth sound is quite a lot like Trick Of The Tail, the guitars swirl around in true Mr Stolt style. Jonas Reingold`s playing is very crisp too, blending in a little fretless too, the vocals as ever from Patrik are soothing and powerful too, and the drums are a little like Bill Bruford in places.

Sandwiched between parts 1 and 2 of  `Notes From The Past` are nine tracks ranging from two `epics` which clock in around 14 minutes, you get a jazz type jam called `Morganism` which features a trombone, a sax and a trumpet which breaks the 10 minute barrier. Two more instrumentals have their say too, but `In The Space Of A Twinkle` could very easily feature on a story album or even in a film, say `Legend` or a part from `Lord Of The Rings` with its spoken word as vocal. It is a very welcome track, which opens another door on the journey. The journey then hits the power chords on the next track `Folke’s Final Decision` an instrumental with a fair helping of Hammond Organ and a testing guitar solo that leads into `The Name Belongs To You`, which builds up during the near 14 minute total.

Next track is for the Mellotron lovers, which is very like `Watcher Of The Skies` sound, then it folds into a 9/8 type riff with a top guitar solo. This one is another instrumental and it is called `Second Journey Inside The Green Glass`. A nice acoustic track follows, `A Road In My Mind` and features a great female vocal from Aleena. Jonas fretless bass glides along to this one, then more Mellotron cuts in with yet another guitar solo, Hammond and a nice melody thrown in too.

Jumping back to the second cut, which is an instrumental, `Night-Bike-Ride (on lilac street)` could have been a part of The Flower Kings` `Stardust We Are` or `Flower Power`, which is full of the aforementioned power chords.

`Mirrors Of Yesterday` is a happy song, say for summer evenings, which is similar to `Chicken Farmer Song` from `Space Revolver`, and this features I would say the best guitar work of the whole album.

Leaving my favourite track on the album until last was on purpose, as it is the longest track which itself is a journey of many changes, where again the fretless and Hammond are in the forefront, military march type drums denote the way the song develops. It is a big sound, and the playing is second to none.

This album has been having rave reviews all over the net, and I can see why. Great playing and song writing combine to make this one of the best albums for a long time. In many years to come, it will be on my player, no doubt!

InsideOut Music are on a winner here for sure, it should be a very big seller worldwide.

Hope there will be some live dates soon!

Danny Mayo



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