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Kaipa - Keyholder

Kaipa - KeyholderAfter the 2002 release of Notes From The Past, many people would have thought the next album would be a hard act to follow, but Keyholder might hit the top of the annual polls as best album.

From the impressive artwork on the cover, the near 80-minute music package lives up to expectations.  Eight tracks of sheer quality make this my tip for the top.

For starters, we have the same line up as Notes, and the band are together in all departments.  All the songs are very strong, and well crafted together in a Flower Kings/Yes type of sound, and in the first track Lifetime Of A Journey, there is a strong Queen influence at the start.

For me the albumís stand out track is the longest one, clocking in at 14 minutes, End Of The Rope.  This features a six-minute instrumental passage in the middle that twists in many styles, going back and ending with the superb vocals from Ritual front man Patrik Lundstrom.

Track 2, A Complex Work Of Art is the albumís only track to feature in great detail the very impressive vocals from female Aleena, and her voice cuts through the mix in a great performance.

On the whole, the album is very well produced; Hans Lundinís Hammond flows very well, as does the guitars from the Flower King himself Roine Stolt, and fellow stable mate Jonas Reingoldís fretwork on the bass stands out too.

As I mentioned earlier, this album will be fighting for top spot in many polls, and the style it will do this will make many other bands take note at the way the music flows.  There are the little fairground sounds from the keys that fill the right places, and Roineís sound is still a key point in all the work he does.

Going back to the tracks, The Weed Of All Mankind is a pleasant sound, which could remind people of Hogweed, but Kaipa are here now, and here to stay.

This album has had great reviews, and I can see why. Kaipa are up there with the best at the minute; a tour would do the band very well I feel, hope it is soon.

Hats off again to the writing talents of Hans Lundin and Roine Stolt, and the playing of the fore mentioned, Jonas Reingold and Morgan Agren, and the vocal talents of Patrik Lundstrom and Aleena.

Danny Mayo             



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