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John Young - Significance

John Young - SignificanceWell here is John's new album, and it is a great offering from him too! 13 tracks over nearly 54 minutes makes a nice time playing this in the garden while sipping a cool beer. It is not a hard album to get into at all, the songs flow along very nice, and John gives us a fine example of his talents as a keyboards player and instrumentalist. In the well known saying every song tells a story, John has given a brief insight to all the songs in the packed booklet.

Onto the music, the keys flow through gentle chords; highlights for me are Papa, Used and final track Insignificance. The percussion is of course electronic, but again it flows along as the keys, and the opening title track gives out a little message to Save The Children Fund.

All of the songs have great ideas; I like Open Skies, because I believe what John means when he mentions football in the foreword of the song (you may dislike a player because of the club he plays for, but cheer him on when he plays for your country), a great little talking point!

So, as I said at the start, this is a mellow album, but it works very well. The songs show great meanings, and I can recommend it to anyone that is looking for a bridge between Coldplay and the quiet side of Asia.

John told me that his next album would be a prog one, so I hope we will get a demo to review. Like all musicians today, John is a busy chappie, solo and with Greenslade, but he still turns out quality music! Check out Johnís website for further details.

Danny Mayo



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