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Jadis - View From Above DVD

Jadis - View From Above DVDDVD’s are an expensive business, but this one has been long overdue.  South coast UK melodic prog band, Jadis, is a terrific live band and many performances have been captured on video in the past so a DVD was only a matter of time.

View From Above is crammed full of features the main one being a full concert filmed in Krakow, Poland in April 2003.  Ten songs spanning their recorded output from 1992 to the present are performed by the classic line-up of Gary Chandler (guitar, vocals), Martin Orford (keys, vocals), John Jowitt (bass) and Steve Christey (drums) in the presence of an enthusiastic audience.  The sound is in Dolby digital 5.1 for the concert footage, however there is a problem with the sound though it may be just a fault with our copy.  The sound is crystal clear at the start of each song but as soon as the band ‘kicks in’, the volume drops dramatically wavering in a muffled kind of way.  The same sound problem is present on the stereo output yet with the DVD player set to PCM it is OK.  The sound problems were reproduced on two separate DVD players and set-ups so the fault definitely lies with our copy of the DVD.  We have queried this with the band but have yet to receive a response. (* Response now received – see Summary below)

A host of extras is included such as a tour snapshot (a sort of video behind-the-scene diary), archive footage of Holding Your Breath Live ’94, band biography and musician profiles, interview with Gary and Martin with some interesting facts about the band’s history and song writing, discography, extensive photo and art gallery, and for PC users some desktop images and web links.

Sound problem apart, this is an excellent DVD, which all fans of Jadis will be sure to snap up.  Yet I can’t help thinking that they would have been better to have filmed one of their famous ‘garden parties’ and captured the party atmosphere.   Maybe they will some day.

Technical Aspects

Picture and quality is good, allowances being made for the analogue video footage of the 1994 gig.  There is clearly a fault with the sound on our copy, which detracts from the enjoyment, but hopefully the problem is limited to our copy.  More information on this when we receive a response from Jadis. (See Summary below.)

Package features

The DVD has a well-designed, comprehensive and easy to use menu, allowing the viewer to select all individual sections of the DVD and even individual tracks and interview segments. (See above for list of extras)

The DVD sleeve provides an itemised list of contents and band members.  An inner leaflet is also included detailing the credits for the DVD.

The DVD is NTSC format, universal region (region 0).  Sound is 5.1 surround.


Assuming the sound problem is an isolated one (i.e. limited to our copy), the DVD is a must for Jadis fans and those into melodic prog. 

*Our old friend and Jadis frontman, Gary Chandler, thanked us for bringing the sound problem to his attention.  Unfortunately, it is probably the result of a problem at the production stage and as the DVD was authored in Poland; it was too far away for Jadis to have any control over the production.  Obviously, it cannot be rectified without huge expense (and remember that most prog bands work under very small budgets) so the DVD will stand as it is.  We at HHH still recommend this DVD and would suggest if you too experience problems with the sound that you select PCM output via your DVD player set up.  Whilst not ideal, The output in PCM mode is clear and even and should ensure your enjoyment of the DVD.

The DVD is available to purchase direct from Jadis (link below) and DVD retailers.


Jem Jedrzejewski




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