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Johnny Poindexter - Two Of Three (CD-EP)

Johnny Poindexter - Two Of Three (CD-EP)Two Of Three is the second CD-EP in the trilogy (see One Of Three) from West Yorkshire outfit, Johnny Poindexter, and like the first, highlights songs from the band's second album, Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces.

First of the four tracks on this EP is In Every Language There Is Or Ever Was, a great instrumental that Mogwai would be proud of (if you haven't heard of Mogwai, watch out for the trailer for FilmFour currently running on UK television's Channel Four - Mogwai provide the soundtrack)

Headswim is equally pensive but has guest vocalist Patrick Bourne (from the Leeds band Future Sons of Rome) exercising his larynx, showing that bands are finally placing more emphasis on good vocalists.

Headswim merges with This Is Just A Small Step Forward, continuing the drawn-out four note keyboard loop and programmed percussion instrumental. 

The lack of a natural vocalist in the band has resulted in a number of guest vocalists on the album and for the chill-out You Lost Your Faith In People, Christopher Rose is the man with the mic.  Interesting drumming technique on this one.

The music of Johnny Poindexter may not be classed as 'upbeat' and 'full of joy' but it is rather good.  The first three tracks are particularly well thought out, but that is my personal taste coming into play.  Still, three out of four on Two Out Of Three isn't bad is it? (sorry, I couldn't resist!)  The album, Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces, is available direct from the band for the ludicrously low price of £5 (see link below).

Jem Jedrzejewski

Johnny Poindexter


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