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John Hackett - Velvet Afternoon

John Hackett - Velvet AfternoonThe name Hackett is on everyoneís lips as Steve, but younger brother John who has played on many of Steveís albums, has a new album just released.

John is a fine flautist, and has played on such classics such as Kim from Please Donít Touch to mention one, and we have seen him join Steve on stage on many live shows too.

Back to Velvet Afternoon, it is a fine journey through classical music performed on flute and piano, which is played by Sally Goodworth. The 15 tracks clock in a total time of 43 minutes, and there are many styles and changes in tempo. I would say it would be perfect to come home to and sit down for a nice meal and play this. It has a strong late summer early autumn feeling, just sitting outside watching birds flying and singing, well, thatís what I got from it!

Each of the 15 tracks are explained in the booklet on how they were written, like Vergebung the tune of which John got whilst in the shower of all places, but as true to life, most classics are born in the strangest places!

On the classical side, you have titles such as Minuet 1&2 and a reprise, Allegro Molto Moderato, and little gems like Sausage Boy and Sophieís Lullaby which are written about Johnís children.

So, to sum this up, if you like the flute then this is a great example of styles and sounds it can produce. If you appreciate players who brought the flute to the rock world such as Ian Anderson, Ian McDonald, Thijs Van Leer, David Jackson and Peter Gabriel, this album is in your range.

Danny Mayo

John Hackett


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