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James LaBrie - Elements Of Persuasion

James LaBrie - Elements Of PersuasionDream Theater's frontman, James LaBrie's soon to be released new album is his third solo effort. Many people rate James as one of the best vocalists in the rock world, and this latest album released at the end of March 2005 demonstrates just how versatile his voice is.

James has performed on every Dream Theater album since their second release Images And Words, and has one of the most noticeable voices in rock. With this new solo album, James reaches new heights in his career, and with the musicians on show here make this a good album from a neutral view-point. Joining James are Marco Sfogli (guitar); Matt Guillory (keyboards); Bryan Beller (bass) and Mike Mangini (drums), and I must admit, the playing is a credit to all the band.

Onto the music side of things, total time is a generous sixty-seven minutes, and twelve tracks make up the duration. No real trademark long ones here, but nevertheless, a enjoyable mixed journey of prog metal and ballads. Of course the Dream Theater sound is clear and in your face, but there are patches of Iron Maiden, Metallica and Queensryche to be heard along the way. There is a distinct jazz feel to track five Lost with the keyboard sound, but for me the seventh track is the albums party piece. Smashed is that very song, and it's a ballad, and with the strings which combine well with James voice make this a fine song.

Slightly Out Of Reach is the ninth track and it has that stadium AOR feel, a real rock song which could make a good single for the American air-waves.

This is a good album and it will appeal to many rock fans world-wide. Dream Theater fans will purchase it too because it will not be out of place in their collection. With it's fine song structure and production, this is a fine release indeed.

Danny Mayo

James LaBrie


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