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Jadis - Fanatic

Jadis - FanaticFanatic is the latest release from southern UK coast-proggers Jadis, one of the most upbeat and melodic prog outfits going.

Fronted by vocalist/guitarist extraordinaire and all round charmer and good bloke, Gary Chandler, the band holds onto the classic line-up of Steve Christey (drums) and IQ veterans Martin Orford (keys and backing vocals) and John Jowitt (bass).

The album begins with a middle-eastern feel but a couple of minutes into the opening track, The Great Outside, the trademark emotionally charged guitar sends the spine a-tingling.  Two thirds in comes a classic melody that were it a physical entity you would want to give it a big hug.  Jadis are back.

Fanatic is perhaps a little more complex overall in terms of textures and sounds than previous Jadis albums indicating that the band has ‘progressed’ since the acclaimed More Than Meets The Eye and Across The Water, yet it retains the qualities and feel of both these aforementioned albums.  Full of riffs and catchy melodies, clever fills and changes in direction mid-song, and like all Jadis music the album exudes the feeling that summer is on the way, regardless of the weather.

Jadis fanatics will no doubt hail this as their best work to date and justly so.

Jem Jedrzejewski

Jadis Official WebSite

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