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Jadis At The Boardwalk, Sheffield 25th June 2005

After a seventeen month absence from the South Yorkshire gig circuit, Jadis returned with some new songs from their new album, and performed very well in this little compact venue. A fair sized crowd was in attendance also, and the near two hour set soon ended, but on the whole, it was a great night's entertainment.

After the intro music, the band entered the stage and started with Asleep In My Hands which soon got everyone's full attention. From Understand, Where In The World was next, and the lively bouncing figure of John Jowitt was all over the stage performing some great bass playing as he always does. The Great Outside from Fanatic was next, and returning back to the album Understand, Alive Inside again proved to be a great song which seems to be some peoples favourite.

Another new song Standing Still which featured Gary White's (Chandler!!) fine deep vocals over a nice drum machine type rhythm, and it has to be said the new material will be worth checking out on the new album when it is released. Next the 'old' classic of Follow Me To Salzburg was for me the evening's highlight. There's A Light which is also a new song, co-written with Steve Thorne gave the band a more mainstream approach, but nevertheless, band and crowd were still in harmony.

Towards the end of the set, the final songs of In Isolation and Holding Your Breath were just breathtaking. Both played very well indeed, and a big warm cheer from the crowd ensured the band will be back on stage for the encore.

A little break before the two figures of Gary and Martin Orford returned to perform More Than Meets The Eye with Martin as ever playing the flute note perfect with Gary's guitar playing. The Beginning And The End brought the evening's entertainment to a close, as the crowd dispersed from the venue.

Yet another great Jadis show, four musicians enjoy what they are doing, and me like many others will wait for the new album. (See below for photo gallery.)

Danny Mayo

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