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Jadis ‘Garden Party’, Hampshire Bowman, 19th June 2004

Gary ChandlerWell, summer would not be summer without the Garden Gig. In a field close to the Hampshire Bowman (a new venue for this one-time annual Jadis extravaganza), we camped out for the night (a bit cold too!) after a great night’s entertainment.

JadisJadis entered the stage around 21:15, and started with No Sacrifice.  The day was fading into nightfall, and the crowd was quite large.  I couldn’t tell just how many were there, as the area was quite vast, but I would say around 300+ made the effort, and many new faces too.  The band were soon in their swing when Where In The World was aired next, and by this time many people took to wearing fleeces and other warm clothing as the cloud cover was no more.  Yourself Alone was followed by Understand, and Gary Chandler’s voice and guitar were together as one by the time Sleepwalk was performed. Some overseas fans had made the trip over to this event, so Gary dedicated Follow Me To Salzburg to them.

Gary ChandlerGary ChandlerThe other three members were as solid as ever; John Jowitt’s bass and part-time backing vocals were, as you would expect, Steve Christey playing as well as usual, and Martin Orford’s keys and voice embraced the whole band.

The highlight for me Daylight Fades warmed the crowd up, as it was needed, and I felt this was the song of the set.  After Each And Everyday and Alive Inside, the first cover of the set XYZ by Rush was played.  Gary explained that they liked it in rehearsal, so they played it, and a fine version it was too!

John JowittJohn JowittJadisWonderful World was next, a nice song by all accounts and the playing again was note perfect, and last song of the set was The Beginning And The End.  A nice version of More Than Meets The Eye featured the flute of Martin Orford, which was greatly received by the crowd.  Holding Your Breath was the penultimate song of the evening, ideal to get the crowd jumping around with the energy provided by the music and real ales on offer.  Final song, and the second of the two covers, was Pink Floyd’s Run Like Hell.  Clearly almost everyone knew this and again it was performed very well.

So that was it, another year, another Garden Gig, many more to come no doubt.  (It could be an idea to see IQ again in an outdoor location, 10 years ago it poured with rain in Holland, but that’s another story.)

Jadis staged a great show again, and I feel the band is at a nice peek, performing smoothly and enjoying themselves!

Danny Mayo


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