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Jadis - Alive Outside

Jadis - Alive OutsideJadis organise a bijou ‘garden party’ event almost every year in drummer Steve Christy’s parents’ back garden on the edge of the New Forest at Nomansland, not far from Southampton.  Always a cracking event, relaxed and friendly, it gives the band and up to 450 fans a chance to have some fun not having to confirm to the usual ‘gig’ unspoken rules.  Basically, everyone enjoys themselves, beer flows and burgers soak it up and the odd bum note from the stage is expected and as frontman, Gary Chandler says at the beginning of track three, “nobody here is expected to complain”.  With IQ’s legendary keys man, Martin Orford and equally legendary bassist, John Jowitt joining guitarist and vocalist/composer Gary and drummer Steve, what could there be to complain about?

This 60 minute CD captures highlights from the garden party held on 14th July 2001 and includes songs spanning the band’s history and two cover tracks.  The first of the covers, the beautiful Weather With You (Crowded House – Neil and Tim Finn) is a bit of surprise, as I have not heard Jadis cover this before.  A wonderfully accurate version this alone is worth purchasing the CD for.  The other cover track is Floyd’s Comfortably Numb, a favourite Jadis cover and again done to perfection.

If, like me, you enjoy melodic emotionally positive prog performed in a sensitive and feeling way, you should give Jadis a try.  And if there is a garden party next year you may even catch them playing the theme from Rainbow.  We’re all just kids really!

Jem Jedrzejewski


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