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I Remember Nothing (demo)

I Remember Nothing (the name of the band not, I assure you, a statement regarding my mental state) is a relatively new band based in the south of England.  The trio of Steve Wilson (drums), Mark Tiller (guitar and bass) and Richard Snelgrove (guitar, vocals) boast an average age of 20 years old have already received a lot of attention including airplay on Londonís XFM Radio and positive reviews in Planet Sound and the normally cynical NME.

The band recorded a demo CD in April 2003 during a break from a busy live schedule where they have shared the bill with US band Longwave, Marc Bolanís first band Johnís Children and Texan singer-songwriter Antonia, and they have just completed a thirteen date tour of the UK with The Bed.

The demo consists of two tracks.  A New Beginning has an alt-rock feel with a hint of prog and whilst comparisons have been drawn with The Smashing Pumpkins and not without reason, the overall sound, structure and approach is very similar to that of Sheffield based prog/alternative outfit, Izon Paradise.

You Canít Find Me is full of emotion and again has a certain uniqueness.  Somehow this six minute track just flies by all too soon.  Iím still reminded of Izon Paradise but with elements of Mogwai.

Clearly, I Remember Nothing has a good grasp of compositional skills and gives a tight performance belying their age.  I listen to many new young bands, thanks to eternal insomnia and through-the-night TV occasionally broadcasting programmes that showcase unsigned bands, but few stand out and have the professionalism thatís reflected in IRMís music.  They could go three ways; the alt-rock route, the pop route or, if they want to risk poverty take the chance of converting a lot of young people into the serious world of full blown prog rock.  I suspect they will stick to alt-rock including elements of prog and pop and Iím sure it wonít be long before they are making their first appearance at a big festival such as Glastonbury, Reading or Leeds.  Whichever direction they take, I hope they remain faithful to themselves musically.  Besides, Iím looking forward to the first album.

Jem Jedrzejewski

I Remember Nothing


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