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IQ, Live at The Borderij, Zotermeer, The Netherlands, 13th September 2003

Well, summer has ended, but IQ again graced Holland with a storming show. The capacity crowd enjoyed a fine set, mixed with old and very new tunes.  A near carbon copy set from Whitchurch saw the band kick off with Darkest Hour, and soon the crowd were moving along to the sounds.  A trip back to the 'Sitting' album, with Nostalgia and Falling Apart At The Seams were aired early in the set, and we had a treat to a 'Newie', a medley of songs strung together to give us a taster of the next album.  Another new one was played too, 'Red Dust' which on first impressions sounds a nice number.

On to The Seventh House; this was the highlight once again with a nice very moving backdrop of images of the First World War, made this a special event and brought the song to life.

Widows Peak went down well with the IQ faithful, the old classic as some people say, and encores such as It All Stops Here and Magic Roundabout, made this a great night.

IQ seems to be making new friends along the way, and on this performance tonight they will make a lot more. With Progeny to look forward to in November, these are very exciting times for 'Prog' as we know it, and it can only get better.

Yet again, a worthwhile trip to Europe, worth every mile!

Danny Mayo


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