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IQ Subterranea:  The Concert DVD

IQ Subterranea:  The Concert DVDFinally the wait is over, the IQ DVD is out, and is it worth the wait? Read on! The video that came out a while back was special, but this has blown it away with quality, and the extras are worth the 19 ackers alone! The band commentary stands out a lot in my opinion, and you get the band and various crew members talking about how the tracks were originally created and on stage how the sound and mix were done.  If you havent got a DVD player, then get one and make this your first purchase.  Same concert of course as the video, but the sound is well mixed, the only things missing are your own dry-ice and lights and loads of people in your front room (only people are missing in my front room Ed).

You get a few photos, extra footage of The Wake and Human Nature, and the film/production/stage personnel talking about how it all began. It just shows you how ambitious the whole project was, like how it was first thought of on a ferry on the way home from a few dates - pure rock and roll.

With the extras, the total time is around 2 hours, and you even get the orchestral Subterranea version thrown in.

This is a big project and Ill give it full marks for entertainment and enjoyment, so fork out 19 and order it now! To sum it all up, a great effort all round and a big step in IQs history, and yes, it was worth the wait!

Danny Mayo




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