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IQ at The Mean Fiddler, London 14th December 2002

IQ at The Mean Fiddler, London 14th December 2002Well, ending the year again on top form is of course...IQ. The last one of the four shows at this venue felt like it was only a few months since the one last year! From the early start because of the curfew, the nice Christmas intro music the lads launched into The Wrong Side Of Weird. This was a more varied set from other shows; we still had Further Away plus a nice little tale about Martin Orford and his large organ swimming in the sea by Dover and the French coast by Pete Nicholls that introduced the fore-mentioned song. We had a few overseas people tonight in the crowd, and some brought along several union jack items, and were waving flags and inflatable guitars too, 'last night of the progs?' Sorry!

IQ at The Mean Fiddler, London 14th December 2002Back to the music, The Seventh House again blew the roof off, this must be the song to remember IQ by in years to come, just great to hear it live! Subterranea, Widow's Peak, No Love Lost, Guiding Light, the list goes on forever, but tonight we had a special treat, the most famous IQ song of all, yes, it's Wriggle, was played much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

The Wake was the highlight in my opinion what got the crowd and band bouncing along, and to finish off we had Count Your Blessings after a piano solo and the mince pies in Have Yourselves A Very Merry Christmas, and not to mention Failsafe!

All in all, a great night again was had by all.  IQ just go from strength to strength, so letís hope that 2003 is a big year for them, new album on the way, a DVD, new re-recording of Tales, Christmas will never end!

Merry Christmas to our readers!

Danny Mayo


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