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IQ At The Mean Fiddler, London, 11th December 2004

Well, it's the festive season again, and now it feels like Christmas is near due to IQ's final end of year show. A large turnout witnessed a truly great performance, from which has been a fantastic year for the band. With good sales figures of Dark Matter, the IQ20 DVD available and a well supported tour just underlines the last statement.

Returning to the aforementioned DVD's filmed location, a venue curfew meant that the band had to end their set by 21:50 and out the doors by 22:30, so an early start was the order of the day here! The lights dimmed, intro music started, and a nice surprise first song The Darkest Hour opened the set. The crowd were in full voice straight away, and in stronger terms on It All Stops Here. Opening song on the Dark Matter tour was Sacred Sound, and that was next. After The Outer Limits and Born Brilliant, the dark figure of Peter Nicholls appeared in trademark black cape and glasses and to make the full effect, a Santa hat occupied his head space. After the two old favourites of Awake And Nervous and Widow's Peak, the longest Dark Matter song, Harvest Of Souls, took the large crowds attention to maximum with the rear projection screens and Peter's costume change mid song. Leap Of Faith was omitted from the set list, then my personal high point of the night, The Seventh House, ended the set.

Now, encore time was something special as always they are around this time of year. In the past we have had festive tunes, old seventies chart hits, but tonight was a different version of Promises with keys player Martin Orford presenting us with his vocal talents. A medley was next, starting with the Wings classic (on the DVD too!) Jet (an Alan Partridge favourite - Ed), and Drive On, Zero Hour and For Christ Sake which the elder followers of the band fully appreciated.

Time was running out as the last song of the evening, The Wake sadly ended, but all in all a great night's entertainment by all standards. This has been a great year for IQ and I feel a important one, I hope it continues for many more years. (See below for photo gallery.)

Danny Mayo

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